iMS Analytics Pro – empower your clients with knowledge

iMS specializes in being the “tip of the spear” marketing and presales solution.  Our strategy is simple, use compelling data to engage new customers while positioning you as their trusted vendor.

One of the key iMS products we use to connect and retain target customers is the iMS Analytics Pro data center comparison software.  Analytics Pro provides a simple, fast process to empower new clients with customized TCO focused information about your software or hardware solution.  IT professionals today are searching for and respond to value based data that will assist in the validation of acquiring information technology solutions – while trying to do more with constrained budgets.


If your solution provides compelling ROI to your client set or against the competition, Analytics Pro will empower your target clients by building trust with technical and financial data of your solution. 

Trust equals revenue

According to Information Week and CIO Insight research:

  • 82% of (1.64M of the 2M enterprise/SMB in US) organizations now require some form of Return on Investment (ROI) analysis prior to approving any significant new IT purchase.
  • 68% (1.1M) of those companies surveyed do not have any formal ROI measurement policy or procedure in place. As a result, the responsibility to provide ROI analysis falls to vendors.


In a matter of minutes, you can:

Compare the short and long term costs and benefits of your solution vs. competitors. 

In seconds, provide:

A strong business case that validates the impact of your solution and opens the door to additional engagement.


Analytics Pro Technology solution comparison software was designed by the Innovative group of companies to empower clients with the ability to compare real world technical and financial data and provide unbiased actionable data.


Take a test drive of the Analytics Pro software, click here and use this access code: 1ds-free-studies